Comic 1569 - Oscar Slate

29th Jan 2016, 1:00 AM
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Oscar Slate
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KAM 29th Jan 2016, 1:00 AM edit delete
Many, many years ago, the Oscars used to explain how the nominations were made. Then they stopped including it at the Oscars because they felt it was boring and took away from pointless things like dance numbers to illustrate film editing or something. (No matter how long people complain the Oscars have become getting rid of pointless dance numbers has never been a priority.)

Since then people started expressing surprise at why a film will be nominated for Best Picture, but the director doesn't get a Best Director nod, or the idiotic claims of people being snubbed, and this year a lack of diversity.

Such a shame that what is supposed to be an award for excellence on one's field has to be tainted with politic statements.